Let’s not be resilient together.

So welcome to my new blog. It’s going to be a bit random because previous attempts caused me to obsess too much trying to get it right. So this is the first post, and for some strange reason I wanted to start with a little rave about resilience.

Just sayin’ – I’m not a big fan of resilience. I think it’s too often used as an excuse for treating people badly, and it’s over-revered. Everyone has a breaking point, and maybe the world would be a better place if we concentrated more on reducing the stresses on people than telling them they need to be more resilient. By pointing the finger we forget that those of us with power or privilege can be a little softer.

You see the extremes of the strength-worshippers in some of our leaders who pride themselves on their ability to resist bending in response to pressure, even to their own and our detriment (2014 budget anyone?)

So let’s be gentle and fragile together. I work in health care, but at the moment it’s more like health scare- it can often be a daunting place. Maybe if we didn’t believe so much in resilience we would acknowledge our own fragility and we might provide a whole lot more emotional support for patients, and for all those working in health care including our nurses and doctors.

Hmm.. I just re-read this post and realised there’s a risk this blog could be a bit preachy. Better not let that get out of hand!

That’s enough for now, so ‘bye.