My friends are all heading overseas, or are already there. Well, not all, but many. I’m envious, but have decided to turn this into a positive. What if….. I was a tourist here, in Geelong? What would I notice? How would I experience life differently. I was pondering this, when I saw this…

2015-05-25 17.00.54

What a beautiful eucalypt! Subtle sunset colours in its upper branches at the end of a wonderful crisp wintry day. I was biking home from work. What a privilege to live as an unpersecuted person in Australia. Tomorrow I hope to catch up with some friends who are still here. I’m not envious any more, and I’ll do some more of the “What if…..?” technique, as today it seems to have put me in touch with the simple things I might have missed.

2 thoughts on “Appreciation”

  1. On the subject of walking there appear to be a few recent books which may be worth a look. They are:
    Why have I just discovered your blog Michael? This is a hidden gem.
    You might already know of these books on walking.
    1. A Philosophy of Walking by Frederick Gros

    2. Born to Walk: The Transformative Power of a Pedestrian Act by Dan Rubenstein

    3. Nightwalking: A Nocturnal History of London by Matthew Beaumont

  2. Thanks very much John. I haven’t promoted this blog at all: doing it mainly to clarify my thoughts! Thanks for the feedback. (My first non-family feedback!)

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