Why haven’t I told anyone about this blog?

So far, I’ve only told a couple of friends, and my family about this blog, and today my son asked me why. It was interesting to ponder.

The reasons, I decided were as follows

1. Even though I may come across as arrogant or opinionated, some of my ideas are pretty “out there” – I haven’t really started on these ones, but as a teaser, I believe that depression, while a terrible human experience, has a function which is a bit like immunisation.. you suffer for a greater gain. I believe that we can emerge from depression with a much greater self understanding and compassion, and, if this is acknowledged by our loved ones and carers, the likelihood of further episodes is minimised. Anyway.. that’s one of the weird ideas I’m not going to put out there in a big way.. yet.

2. Thinking that one day there might be a bigger audience keeps me honest. I have to be responsible and accountable for what I write. That’s important. So that’s why I’m not just writing this into a file on my computer.

3. There are some really great bloggers out there. I’m not one of them, so in some ways I’m a bit of an imposter in the space. So I’ll just leave my voice in this little hidden corner of the internet, to be discovered by the curious.

So here I am.. blogging away to my audience of 4 or 5 people. It’s fun.


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