Bullying is now so common it’s normalised. Let’s solve this now.

For the sake of our mental health, we need to redefine bullying in the workplace.

Here’s one proposed definition:

Bullying is asking, expecting or telling someone to do something that you wouldn’t feel comfortable requesting if you weren’t in the position you are in.

And here’s a definition to help ascertain if you are being bullied.

Are you on balance spending more than acceptable time or energy, doing or supporting something that you feel morally uncomfortable with, compared with activities that create good, bring joy, or align with your values, because to do otherwise would be too scary?

Hang on. Have I just defined the modern workplace, the political or education systems or even maybe patriarchal society itself?

Maybe that’s why we elect leaders based on all other criteria than morality and compassion? To do otherwise would bring on a disruptive rebuild.

Houston we have a problem.

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